The reports module in SugarCRM enables a user to create and manage reports such as Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Call and custom build application, A user must have admin panel access to create reports. Sugar provides four types of reports and you can run a report immediately or schedule it at a later. 

There are four types of reports available in SugarCRM as follow 

  • Rows and Columns Reports 
  • Summation Reports with Details
  • Summation Report 
  • Matrix Reports

The below screenshot shows a report wizard of SugarCRM 9.0 and types of reports

Screenshot of report wizard in SugarCRM 9.0

To create report repost a user must have “Professional Edition”, the below is an example of creating Row and columns reposts in SugarCRM. A user must have admin access to create and edit the reports

Steps of Creating Rows and Columns in Reports 

Step 1: Navigating to Reports Wizard

  • To create a report in Sugar click on the “Reports Menu” and select Create Report as shown below screenshot

Screenshot of navigating to reports wizard SugarCRM

  • Click on “Create Report” you will be navigated to Report wizard as shown in below screenshot
  • The following Screenshots show four types of reports available in Sugar, Select “Rows and columns Report” after selecting next module page will be displayed. 

Screenshot of report wizard in SugarCRM 9.0

Step 2: Selecting Module form Reports Wizard

  • The below screenshot contains modules including standard sales and custom build modules, Here we are selecting “Accounts” module  
  • After choosing a report you will be navigated to “Select Module”, Here 

Screenshot of selecting module for creating a report in SugarCRM

After clicking on “Accounts Module” we need to define the fields for reports, as shown in the screenshot sidebar contains all the related module.  

Screenshot of define filters in SugarCRM

  • All fields are listed in “Field Name” Section related to Accounts module 
  • In this case, we are creating a report on “Billing state”. We have selected Billing state from the Field Name section and click next as shown in below Screenshot.

Screenshot of Choosing columns for report details in SugarCRM

After selecting Billing State we need to choose columns fields names for generating a report as shown in below screenshot

Screenshot of selected columns for report details in SugarCRM

If you want to delete field form click on the minus icon as shown in below screenshot

Screenshot of deleting a selected field in SugarCRM

  • After define column name for reports click on next 

Screenshot of selected fields summaries in SugarCRM

Step 3: Generating Report from report wizard 

  • After completing step-1 and step-2, we need to given name for the report 
  • Click on Save and Run

Screenshot of entering report details in SugarCRM

  • The below screenshot shows report generated successfully 

Screenshot of a report generated successfully in SugarCRM

Once report is generated successfully you can share with this report via email

For a demo, we We are using Accounts module but you can select your own module for generating reports. 

Note:– In this article, we have tied to explain in SugarCRM, Reports can be created by using the above example, Below are the steps to create other three reports but the process remains the same result will be different, you can also follow the process outlined in reports module while creating.

Summation Reports with Details

  • Navigate to Reports module form Header menu, Then select “Create Report” from the dropdown a Report Wizard will be displayed 
  • Select “Summation Reports with Details” from Reports Wizard
  • Select  “Accounts Module” from module list 
  • Related Modules fields will be displayed 

Please note While selecting “Field Name” make sure your selecting right field based on your selection Report will be generated, In This case we are selecting “Billing Sate” 

  • We are keep filters criteria as Billing State as shown in Show Screenshot

Screenshot of filters criteria for reports in SugarCRM

  • Click on Next and Choose the fields name you want to display in the report 
  • If you want to delete field you can click on the minus (-) Icon 
  • Click on Next

Matrix Reports

To Create a Matrix  report follows the below steps 

  • Open reports module and click on create reports you will navigate to “Reports Wizard”
  • In Reports Wizard four types of reports will display, select Matix reports.
  • Select module defines the filters criteria for Matrix report  and click on Next
  • Select char type and data series and click on next 
  • Then enter a report name and required filed details click on “Save and Run” to generate report 
  • Now matrix reports successfully created 

Hopes this article helps you to create a report in SugarCRM.