In the last few years many organizations have taken decisive measures to formulate a digital transformation strategy for themselves. Considering that a vast majority of multi-nationals and medium sized companies are running on SAP, this article helps CXOs with major considerations they need to have on their radars.

Personalization and user experience

The caching of browsing history has been one of the key features to drive personalization. However, with advanced computing and advancement of artificial intelligence, it can really combine with purchase history of the consumers along with browsing history to come out with highly relevant experience for the digital consumers.  It may be noted that order history can mean both online and offline transactions with the customer. Due to processing response time, earlier it was not feasible, however, with SAP HANA’s in memory capabilities it is possible to render personalized information for a B2B / B2C customer.

Smarter payment methods

Various new payment methods have come into the market. Apple Card, Android Pay, mobile wallets and crypto-currency are becoming increasingly popular. It is very much needed that companies support the newer payment method to make check out easier and smarter for consumers.

Apple Pay increase in number of transaction

Real time business validations and control

A lot of business rules and computation goes into running a business. Everything from price computation, credit check, freight calculation and promotions have detailed configuration already defined within SAP. Instead of duplicating them same, the digital channels must be integrated seamlessly to be able to run on same set of rules.

Enhanced visibility for greater B2C ordering

Majority of enterprise running on SAP rely on the B2B model. Only a few of them have truly realized the benefit of have a strong B2C channel. There are two most important aspects of having a successful B2C business. The first one is the ability to be found over the web. A good search engine optimization is a good way to go about the same. This really starts with having quality product information along with characteristics, product images, technical specifications listed for consumers.

The second important aspect is to have the product listed on top marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Walmart. You may be amazed to find that many new companies are dependent on orders from market places instead of waiting to develop a dealer network ground up. We will be discussing the plus and minus of both the approaches in our next article.